doghouse-iconThe Howliday Inn offers top-notch accommodations in 9,000 square feet of pure Dog Heaven. The play areas are spacious and wide open, and thoroughly floored with rubber matting, creating one of the greatest indoor dog parks in the city!

In addition to the huge communal space, we offer private areas as well, for our smaller or more reticent guests. The little guys can spend their days in an area we like to call “Toyland.” Older, shyer dogs are welcome to visit Toyland as well, but only if the small pack is willing to accept them. We also have additional private areas for any guest who prefers some quiet time out of the crowd.

The outdoor play area is completely secure and the dogs have access to it all day long.

Our Overnight Boarding guest rooms are located in the Hotel, which is completely separate from the play areas. Each room is 25 square feet and can easily accommodate your dog’s own bedding & toys with plenty of room to still move around in. Dogs spending the night are only in their rooms to eat and sleep; the rest of their time is spent running with the pack as much or as little as they would like.

The Hotel is completely self-contained, with its own heat, air conditioning, and a very efficient air ventilation system. It also has its own refrigerator, freezer and microwave for any special diet needs. All dogs are fed separately using stainless steel dishes.

Our Doggie Hotel is a beautiful, inviting space with peaceful lighting and classical music playing around the clock. We work with great diligence to offer our guests an extremely clean and comfortable environment, to make sure their stay is as fun and stress-free as possible.