About Us

doghouse-iconThe Howliday Inn is owned and operated by Daniel Eells and Pamela Webb.

It all started in 1997¬†when as a service to our doggie retail business, we began dog-sitting in our home. At first it was just two or three dogs at a time, then it was just four or five dogs … and so on, and so on. As the word spread, one day we woke up to find way more dogs than our bed could handle. So, in 2000, the 12-year-old retail business soon morphed into what is now The Howliday Inn.

It has been a very challenging and extremely rewarding journey for us. It’s not a complete surprise that we both ended up here, but it is certainly a long ways from our original destinations. Having a very strong connection with animals all our lives, it just naturally fell into place.

We’ve met and shared our lives with an incredible number of dogs, each unique and amazing in their own special ways. For that, we consider ourselves very lucky.

We continue to strive to be the best at what we do and look at ourselves as being “life coaches” for dogs, rather than trainers. Our mission is to hopefully be a positive influence in the lives of every dog we meet, and to allow our clients to enjoy all the other very important parts of their lives without any guilt or worry whatsoever.


Taking Lucy to the Howliday Inn is like taking her to her second family. We know she gets the same loving attention there that she does at home. The added bonus is that she comes home happily exhausted.
Bo & Heidi G.
I can’t say enough about the doggie daycare center that Pam and Daniel have created. I looked at centers from Gresham to The Pearl District and when we found this one, I knew this was the place. It has made such a difference in my 15 month old Lhasa/Poodle puppy. She is a much better housemate for me, my husband, 2 Cats and 1 other Dog. Don’t even bother looking anywhere else!
Turella W.
I love this place! My dog has boarded here a number of times, sometimes for up to two weeks and he loves it. Whenever I take him in, he runs up to the door and acts all excited. They also provide doggie daycare, and dogs who are there overnight get to participate in daycare so they get exercise and socialization. The owners, Pam and Daniel, are wonderful people. They are very warm and obviously love dogs.
Ken A.
The facility is lovely. They have an enormous play area, terrific kennels where the pooches get to listen to classical music at night to wind down. These are the luxury suites! If I were a canine I’d want my human companion to set me up here. This is the place to go for your overnight boarding or doggie daycare needs!
Suzanne F.